Project Management

.Net Application Development Services
.Net Application Development Services
To ensure success on any contract we will implement the Bravens Project Management Framework. This approach ensures that key planning, quality, and control measures are built into our execution at the start. Also, through the project management, our internal controls, and corporate oversight, we will ensure fiscal integrity of the contract and will maximize the cost-effectiveness of all contract expenditures.
An overview of our execution approach is summarized in the table below.
Requirements Prepare a comprehensive project plan to guide and control project activities. Explicitly define all deliverables and required reporting. Execute the project plan. Monitor performance against the baseline. Take corrective action when necessary.
Scope Confirm understanding of project scope and establish processes for measurement and management Monitor the project scope, recognize potential changes to scope, and control changes
Schedule Define the project schedule to achieve the end goal Manage and monitor progress of key milestones in balance with budget and scope control
Budget/ Resources Define and obtain resources needed for success, including budget, properly skilled people, and process infrastructure. Manage the project work plan, schedule, budget, and deliverables. Ensure delivery of products and acceptance.
Quality Define quality objectives and metrics, incorporate into the project plan Ongoing quality assurance and control
Risk Identify project risks and approaches for management and mitigation Ongoing identification and review of project risks, execute actions to avoid/mitigate risks
Human Resources Identify resources on an ongoing basis to provide the client a high level of service Continually work to mentor, provide training and make available opportunities to grow and improve
Communication Define reporting requirements, stakeholders, their needs, and the plan to meet these needs Ongoing reporting and communication with stakeholders