Cloud Services

Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the landscape of technology and business, allowing its adopters to better harness other emerging technologies such as social media, mobility, big data and advanced analytics to transform their business. Cloud has also helped the current applications to be moved from a traditional server environment to the cloud. Bravens offers Public, Private and hybrid cloud to its customer’s. Now the headache of upgrading hardware and software are a think of past. Bravens takes the entire responsibility of the customers infrastructure, platform, software and email as a service.
How? By doing things cheaper, faster, smatter with more computing power and with a level of customization users simply couldn’t have expected previously.
If you’re still talking about the cloud as something separate from your business rather than talking about solving business problems with the latest technologies, it’s time to change the conversation. Welcome to your digital future—and a whole new way of working.
Bravens can help ease the transition to this new way of working. With deep insights and extensive experience, we help our clients establish and maintain a thriving IT ecosystem in which multiple stakeholders and multiple technologies come together seamlessly to drive organizational growth.
The world will spend the next decade or more redesigning IT architecture to integrate the cloud and capture its benefits. On the surface, an organization’s adoption of a hybrid approach may appear to be straightforward, but managing even a relatively simple hybrid environment can be an extraordinarily complex undertaking.
Bravens is uniquely positioned to help organizations navigate cloud opportunities and challenges. We bring a deep understanding of what is possible when legacy systems and cloud solutions coexist and we have a clear vision of the digital future toward which this hybrid world is leading us. We combine those insights with our industry knowledge to drive innovation and transform complex environments into high-performance engines.
Specifically, we help organizations in the areas of:

Private Cloud

Bravens private cloud solution combines the advantages of cloud technology, such as dynamic scaling, instant provisioning, and a fully managed environment. It offers tighter controls over the geographic location of data storage and other security aspects. Our private cloud physical computing environment architecture would be designed specifically for our customers based on customer-specific requirements. Bravens private cloud solutions use virtualization technology from VMware and Citrix to maximize security and control. The private cloud would be isolated and share on common compute, storage, or network components with other architectures.

Public Cloud

The public cloud offers a multi-tenant solution and on-demand resources shared only among Bravens customers. By taking the flexibility of IaaS and applying Bravens security and compliance, we are able to offer a public cloud solution that is really no less secure than a private cloud. Bravens takes the flexibility of IaaS and applies security and compliance capabilities.

Bravens public cloud offers increased cost savings because the costs are divided by a larger group of Bravens customers than a community cloud. Additionally, the cost of upgrading or patching applications is split among the multiple tenants, to the benefit of them all.

Community Cloud

The community cloud solution offers a shared, or multi-tenant, infrastructure like the public cloud, but only supports a specific community that has shared concerns or needs (e.g. mission, security requirements, policy mandates, or compliance considerations). Only those customers meeting the community cloud’s access requirements are permitted within the cloud. Bravens community cloud examples include Government agencies where FedRAMP is the mandated compliance standard and Healthcare providers where HIPAA and Business Associate Agreements relate to all customers.

Bravens community cloud examples include Healthcare providers where HIPAA and Business Associate Agreements relate to all customers. As an example, the Department of Defense (DoD) launched data center improvement initiatives using a community cloud. Their community cloud enables the users of that community cloud to easily share data with other entities within the cloud, while supporting shared security and compliant requirements. Another example is the emerging healthcare community clouds, allowing industry members to benefit from HIPAA-compliant clouds, support for patients and data exchange in a controlled environment, and shared costs.

Hybrid Cloud

Bravens offers a solution for companies looking to take advantage of multiple cloud deployment models. Our hybrid cloud solution is a composition of two or more clouds (private, community, and/or public) that remain unique entities, but are bound together by standardized or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability (e.g. portability for load-balancing between clouds). Our hybrid solutions not only support Bravens clouds, but also many third-party cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) using AWS-DirectConnect™. Bravens has pioneered this customizable approach to maximize the best of cloud paired with the best of dedicated infrastructure. With Bravens hybrid cloud solution, sensitive information can be placed in a private area of the cloud while less sensitive information can take advantage of the cost benefits of a public cloud.