Corporate Social Network: Points to consider when using the platform

Technological advances and the internet have transformed the world in a short time, connecting people and processes in all parts of the globe. This reality has brought to companies the need to modernize internal communication and, therefore, several organizations are joining the corporate social network to offer more practicality in the daily life of the internal public.

This tool also makes possible high connectivity among employees, as well as joining solutions that offer greater engagement among them. However, this platform still needs to be handled with care, since it is a two-way street, which can both benefit and harm the organization’s image.

In this post, you will learn about the 5 points that must be considered to manage a corporate social network. Keep reading!

But after all, what is corporate social networking?

Corporate social networking can be understood as a corporate social network where several people who have the same interest and interact in the same space and can communicate on the most varied topics pertinent to the company.

It is characterized by being an environment where all the public relations of an organization can interact. In this way, it works like the other social networks, however, it is destined to the internal communication of the company. In this tool, each employee has a profile where he/she can share information, photos, videos, and a host of other resources.

By implementing it, the organization gains tactical and operational strategies. For this reason, many managers already use the corporate social network to foster communication and endomarketing, in order to favor an organizational culture that is aligned with the strategic objectives of the company.

Why have a corporate social network?

As we have seen, a corporate social network is a strong tool to help in internal communication among all the public of the company. We can highlight as the main advantage the use of this channel to transmit the organizational information quickly, since, when compared to others, it presents itself as a much more effective platform.

In addition, it brings features that collaborate with the dissemination of knowledge, since it allows the sharing of information, files, spreadsheets, and data. The corporate social network comes to replace the old intranets.

In addition, we can highlight the achievement of speed in running internal processes and ease of access. This is because, as already mentioned, it is a communication platform that strengthens the interaction, connectivity, and data sharing among the professionals of a company, collaborating to implement more participative management among all the employees.

What care should be taken when adopting a corporate social network?

Implementing a corporate social network makes it possible for the company to grow through the education of its employees. What does that mean? Achieve a high level of agility in the communication process, as well as a high level of affinity and interactivity between managers and other audiences of the company.

For this tool to be really effective, all employees and other stakeholders must access the internal network. This is justified only if the platform is accessed by everyone in the company. Keeping it restricted to a small internal group and maintaining the corporate social network does not make much sense.

We separate for you the main points to consider when implementing a corporate social network in the company. Follow us!

1. Sharing information from other people

It is necessary to keep in mind that the entire process of communication within the company must ensure transparency. That way, by sharing information from other people, you run the risk of making a mistake and causing a bad experience on the corporate social network.

Therefore, it is necessary to be judicious, since it is a public space of information sharing. Be aware that the company’s image is not compromised.

2. Post personal content

All content posted on the corporate social network must have a relationship with the company, since the tool that aims to integrate communication and convey information that involves the areas, people and even other partner companies.

3. Have a plan of action

At once, it is necessary to specify the short, medium and long-term objectives. For this it is necessary to make planning, which should include:

  • What will be the content?
  • What message will be published?
  • What language will be addressed?
  • What will be the attendance of the posts?
  • What is the target audience? Only employees or some customers as well? Which customers?
  • What tools will be used?

All of these issues should be considered when designing the action plan.

4. Respond to customers

One must be prepared to receive criticism, as well as respond with agility and truthfulness. Customers see social media as an important channel of communication, so it is normal for them to want to interact on that platform.

Corporate social networks also favor organizations so that they are aware of the acceptance of their products/services and so that they can always seek improvements.

5. Know how to manage crises

Even in the corporate social network, conflicts can arise. As employees feel more and more comfortable in expressing their views, especially those of the Y generation, it may be that moments of crisis arise. To circumvent these situations, it is important to have a trained professional to monitor and manage them in the best possible way.

As we have seen throughout this post, corporate social networks are great tools for you to share news of interest to the public in the company’s relationship. Thus, it can be stimulated, developed and motivated even more, which increases the chances of success of the organization.

For efficient use of the corporate social network, share innovations, achievements, reports with case studies from other companies and anything that is interesting for your internal audience. There is also the option to post links from other sites and you can still share videos.

Be aware of the care that must be taken when managing a corporate social network and be sure that this is a great differential to increase the organization’s communication.

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