Curriculum Screening: Understand How to Do Effectively!

The use of technological resources has become increasingly necessary in the routines of the Human Resources (HR) sector of companies, helping, even, in the screening of curriculum.

This is because, more than ever, organizations need to optimize their operations time and perfect their processes to become increasingly strategic and competitive in the marketplace. Thus, within the HR sector, curriculum screening is an important process that can be more efficient with the help of technology.

Platforms with video interview capabilities have proven to be an important solution and an alternative to reduce costs and optimize the time of candidates and recruiters.

In this post, you will discover how to do a resume screening using recruitment and selection software. Follow us!

How a recruiting and selection software helps in curriculum screening?

In the initial phase of the selection process, the objective is to conduct short-term and superficial interviews with restrictive questions so that the recruiter can assess the candidate’s engagement in relation to the role and identify competencies in the candidates most adherent to the position.

Using recruitment and selection software, it is possible to do a screening questionnaire and parameterize initial questions to filter which candidates have a minimum qualification to pursue in the process.

In this phase, it is possible to create a thread of questions and, according to the parameterized result, an automatic step is performed, that is, to automatically approve or disapprove the candidate based on the result.

How does the curriculum triage platform work?

Online resume screening platforms are easy to handle for both the candidate and the recruiter. Here’s how it works for each of them.

For the candidate

The candidate signals the interest in the job answers the questionnaire made available at the time of the application and, depending on the configurations made by the recruiter, he can leave his data to continue the process or leave his resume in the company base to wait a chance in the future. He should answer the questions honestly, as they will be validated later by the recruiter.

For the recruiter

The recruiter is responsible for feeding all the information about the vacancies in the system. An important point to add to this screening process is ongoing monitoring through reports and metrics to identify bottlenecks and make them more effective.

How does using video help in curriculum screening?

Video interviews are among the ways to evaluate the candidates. This feature is already used by large companies around the world to facilitate the participation of potential candidates even over large geographic distances.

Thus, the video interview is used, most of the time, at the beginning of the selective processes for a first screening of the candidates.

Here are the key advantages of doing a video interview on resume screening.

Speed of process

With the previous analysis of the candidates through the questionnaire filled in the platform, it is possible to select the candidates for the video interview.

Curriculum screening can be done without the recruiter needing a large structure or having to move from the company for the need of a larger structure, for example.

In addition, professionals who already have a labor relationship with another organization have the opportunity to participate in the selection without harming their activities. This is due to the fact that videos can be recorded outside of business hours and sent to the recruiter afterward.

Decrease in costs

Time is money and this resource needs to be harnessed to the fullest. The more processes are streamlined, the more resources are saved and made easier to use in other organizational demands, such as talent retention policies, for example.

Thus, recruitment and selection platforms have features that help speed hiring, avoiding unnecessary investments such as phone calls and various face-to-face meetings. It is also worth remembering that online systems of curriculum screening have fixed costs and affordable investments and the investment can be reused on an ongoing basis.

Time Optimization

Transit in the major centers, displacement with travel and structure costs. In addition to costly, a selective process can take a lot of time from both the candidates and the recruiters.

When you choose to do curriculum screening via an online platform, one of the main advantages is the efficient use of time. This is because, as we mentioned, the scheduling of face-to-face meetings requires a very large logistics operation, especially in populous cities. Through online resume screening and video interview, all of these issues are minimized.

Wiser choices

A more thorough analysis of all applicants can be done with the help of an online resume screening platform. This is because, in addition to being able to analyze sent questionnaires and watch the materials as often as necessary, it is still possible to review each candidate’s images in a timely manner and compare the answers to key questions for filling the post.

In addition, if the recruiter still has any questions regarding the candidate’s positioning during the process, it will be much easier to cross-check this data to make a better choice.

Data storage

By using an online platform, all candidate history remains in the system and can be accessed at any time. A database is critical to the smooth running of the Recruitment and Selection department because the organization manages to maintain an updated professional database regardless of the immediacy of filling the job.

So even if a professional has not been chosen to fill the role at that time, if his information is stored in a database, it will be possible to retrieve those records and, perhaps, to recruit him in the future.

In this scenario, curriculum screening with the help of technology goes beyond a labor market requirement. Professionals are also more demanding when it comes to choosing a company to work for and the best talent looks for organizations that value each person’s potential first and are up to date on the technological capabilities of a globalized world.

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