5 Technology Tips to Improve People Management

You want to decrease the time spent on your tasks, but do not want to lose in quality? In addition, it wants to show more results for managers and position the management of people in a strategic way? Automating your processes can solve these problems – and many more! Learn how to use the technology to your advantage and boost your results.

Technology is changing the way you relate to the world around you – and that includes the work environment. And these transformations can bring several benefits, improving the competitiveness of your company in the market. Find out now the advantages of using technology in your people management!

Benefits of using technology

Your team may be spending a lot of time on operational processes. These processes include payroll organization or performance appraisal data analysis, for example. As a result, they may not have the time to focus on improving processes and risk becoming overwhelmed.

When you do not invest in the use of technology, your employees are less willing to focus on more strategic action planning – and that’s exactly what drives real business results for you.

By automating the people management industry, your employees can focus their efforts on what really matters. This increases the productivity of your team and improves the results generated for the company as a whole.

In addition, process automation improves the flow of information and communication within the enterprise, allowing everyone involved to access information in real time and from anywhere. In addition, it decreases the incidence of human error generated by manual insertion of data.

How to automate people management?

However, when thinking about automating your HR, you may have difficulty choosing the best tools. You also may not be very clear on how to use them in your company and which processes can be automated.

Here are some tips on where to use technology in people management for best results!

1. Make video conferences

There are several video conferencing tools available in the market. Most of them are free and easy to use. They allow you to meet with your team from anywhere and at the most appropriate time. In addition to reducing costs and attrition with travel, it enables more timely and effective meetings.

In addition, you can use these tools in your recruitment and selection process. Invest in interviews by video conference. In addition to streamlining the process, it makes it possible for managers to participate in the interviews and follow the process more closely.

2. Create an internal social network

There are several tools that provide new ways of interacting with your employees. You can use them to disseminate internal information and status about the goals of each sector of your company, for example.

This enables you to better align your employees with the organization. What’s more, it increases the sense of belonging of your employees, who become more aware of what is happening in the company as a whole and the status of their goals.

These actions also facilitate endomarketing and improve employee satisfaction with the company, as well as generating greater interaction, as highlighted, contributes to the recognition of the goals reached.

3. Track the processes in real time

Internal process monitoring tools and projects generate more clarity about what is happening within your HR industry. In them, you can follow each step of the process, the expected delivery dates and the responsible. With this, it is possible to follow closely the progress of the tasks and to anticipate possible delays before the end of the project.

An example of this is the use of these tools in recruitment and selection. By separating the process into small steps with well-defined deadlines, you better follow your progress and can intervene if there is a delay in one of the steps, avoiding the delay of the selection in general.

4. Distance training

Empowering your employees is essential for your in-house development. Invest in distance learning platforms to train your team of employees. There you can find various training, both free and paid, to develop your employees.

You can even create a unique platform in your company with training that can be viewed from anywhere and anytime. Include basic training for new employees, and technical skills for seniors to upgrade.

In this way, you will promote the development of the team, focusing on the needs of each one and invests in the skills necessary to carry out their tasks, saving with face-to-face training. In addition, they can choose the best time to perform the training, which gives more autonomy to employees.

5. Invest in Big Data

Big Data is a way to collect and store large amounts of data and analyze them for information that will facilitate decision making in your company. This tool allows you to make better decisions across a number of people management processes.

Using Big Data enables you to map talent both inside and outside your company, more clearly recognizing those employees who are more engaged and motivated, and improving their productivity even more. This is also useful so that you identify talent for positions before you even begin a recruitment and selection process.

In addition, you can review information about members who leave the company. In this way, it is able to identify the variables that generate the dismissal of employees. Intervening on these variables will decrease your turnover rate and the expenses with layoffs and new hires.

With these tips, we hope you’re prepared to automate your processes and improve your team’s productivity. Thus, your people management becomes more strategic and you generate more results for the company. In addition, you increase the productivity of your employees. And do not miss any tips on how to improve your HR industry, follow us on social networks right now and read our content. We’re on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


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