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The utility industry is in the midst of a huge transition driven by dwindling energy sources, rising energy demand, changing government policies, and increasingly demanding customers.Revitalization of technology assets to support new business models is a path that many utilities have embarked upon. Initiatives underway include Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and its integration with Distribution Automation, newer Customer Information Systems, and Meter Data Management, to name a few.

Bravens along with its partners provide systems integration solutions that help utilities move past these challenges. From real-time analytics to take control of grid data and implementation of enterprise applications to seamless integration of newer systems with legacy systems and cyber-security solutions, you can count on Bravens to support you through the ongoing transformation.


Solutions for Energy & Utility

  • Demand Response systems
  • Implementation & Support of enterprise applications — Oracle (Lodestar, SPL), SAP
  • Smart Grid Analytics
  • Operational Dashboards
  • Implementation Audits
  • AMI/MDM Testing
  • Information Security Assessments